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Basic Website Accessibility

MacarOn Cafe strives to make its website accessible to as many people as possible. We follow the WCAG 2.0 AA standard in line with the guidelines the City of New York sets forth to help make our website accessible to as many visitors and shoppers possible.

In this effort we adheres to the following:


Color contrast

The color scheme of a page needs to separate content from its background, if the colors are too close together it becomes very difficult to read. MacarOn Cafe uses the pantone conlor 182C, which is part of it’s trademarked logo work. This color is a light pink and it is only used in headings to ensure enough contrast.

Font size-style

For users with low-vision, fonts are set to a minimum of 12pt at normal zoom settings. Font treatment and font choices are made to help accessibility. In addition, most font used is HTML and can be scaled up to make it bigger.


Screen Readability

Primarily used by people with visual disabilities, a screen-reader is a type of software that processes digital information on computer, phone or tablet and speaks it out loud. The following sections cover important areas for ensuring screen-reader accessibility.


The headers used on the website are hierarchical, but may not always be in sequence for logical and artistic reasons.

Image Descriptions

All images on the website carry an alt-text.


All forms and form elements such as all text fields, buttons, check boxes and other controls have a text label and are accessible by keyboard.